Friday, September 27, 2013

Opening Moment

Hornets sting 19 people to death in China

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interview Strategies

When interviewing someone I think that it should be interesting and fun, not boring and dull. The questions have to be open ended that way the person being interviewed cannot answer with one or two words. A good question would require the person being interviewed to respond with either a lengthy answer. The questions asked should be thought out and interesting. No one wants to read a paper or watch an interview that has boring questions and boring answers. In some situations when the time is right I think there can be some humor involved in the interview but only when it's the appropriate time. Sometimes humor can lighten the mood and make things less awkward if it's a tense situation. That's what I think goes into a good interview question.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What Is Journalism To Me?

Journalism is a lot of things, whether in the form of a newspaper, magazine, book, online blog or any other form of writing. It plays a role in our everyday lives, bringing us news from across the world, bringing us all th scores of our favorite sports teams and many more things. There is both good and bad journalism. Good journalism in my mind is truthful, well written piece of writing and bad journalism would be all of those gossip magazines. A good portion of the time those articles are all false and feed the public a bunch of lies. I don't necesarrily see journalism being a big part of my life because that isn't the career path I want to pursue. I do not follow any specific journalists. In this class I'm interested in learning about how the whole newspaper system works and how they go about making a newspaper and getting the whole newspaper together and what is considered agood piece of writing.