Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Semester Reflection

Elvis of Hip-Hop
Tupac Shakur was shot September 7, 1996 on the Las Vegas strip and died seven days later in the hospital. During his time on earth he made five albums, although one was released days after his death that he previously recorded. Since his death, he has released seven albums, three of which have hit number one on the Billboard 200.

Tupac is making almost the same amount of money dead than he did while he was living. As of 2007, the rapper had made more than 35 million dollars since his death. At the time of his death, he was worth about 40 million dollars. Forbes Magazine consistently has him as one of the richest dead celebrities. He has also sold more than 75 million albums worldwide since dying. Tupac is basically just as popular now if not more than when he was alive.

To compare someone to Tupac is hard, but the way his legacy remains, it's very close to that of Elvis Presley. Not in how they lived their lives or by the music they wrote. Their legacies are unique because before their death they were the best in their genres. Even after their deaths their legacies still can't be touched because when their lives were cut short they were both at the top of their game. Tupac and Elvis's legacies will never die, just as legends never die.

Tupac died in his prime, or maybe he hadn't even reached his prime before he died. In a way because of his early exit, he will forever be remembered by the greatness that he only started to achieve in the short time he had. He made great music when he was alive, and great music is still coming out from notes and recordings people are still finding from what he left behind. He wasn't around long enough to run out of ideas and force an album to make more money like some other rappers have done towards the end of their career. Because of his death his image is frozen in perfect form.

Since that fatal day in 1996, there have been more than 15 books, four documentaries, three college courses, a play and numerous websites made exploring his brief life and legacy. (Lola Ogunnaike, New York Times) He is such a giant figure in the hip-hop community that he even had a hologram made of him at a Coachella festival where he performed alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Although some may think he was just a thug that died how a thug should die, he is so much more than that. He has forever left his imprint on the rap game and has inspired numerous other rap artists. Tupac Shakur was more than a rapper or poet; he is a motivator, an inspiration and an American classic even in death.

Even though I did this piece of writing with Chandler I think it's one the best pieces that I've written this semester. It's not as strong as some of my work in the first semester but it's still a decent piece of writing, I feel like I covered his life and death very well and portrayed why Tupac was and still is a giant figure in the rap industry.

Valentines day is a day of love, romance, chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears for some. Lovers across the United States express their love for each other through gifts, special cards and many other things. Everyone in their mind has their own idea of what a perfect date would look like to them. Some people would keep it simple and would want to be taken out to dinner and then go watch a movie. Someone else might say a long walk on the beach, another person might say they just want to stay inside, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect date and for some lucky peoplemight go on that perfect date on valentines day. For the most part girls are usually the ones who are getting taken out on dates and having things being bought for them but no one ever hears about what a perfect date on valentines day would be for a guy.
Therefore I asked Luke Spaulding what his perfect valentines day date would be and he said, "First of all a perfect date on valentines day would have to be with someone you care about. Not someone you barely know just because you don't want to be dateless on valentines day. But for me my ideal date date would be going out to dinner and then doing something laid back like watching a movie."
Luke's ideal date is simple yet very nice because he doesn't need anything extravagant, he just wants to be with the person he cares about. After asking Luke I decided to get a girls opinion.
I asked Tess Gallagher what her ideal date would be and she said, "I agree with Luke, it makes it much better if you're with someone you care about a lot. Also I like the idea of dinner and then something both of you enjoy that will allow you to spend time with each other doing something that makes you happy."
Other people may not have such simple ideas because when asked what her perfect valentines day date would be Meredith Broderick said, "Definitely breakfast in bed to start off the day and then a home cooked meal with candles for dinner." When I asked Jasmine Olin's what her perfect valentines day date would be she said, "Watching the sunset on a tropical beach."
These two have fancier ideas of what their perfect dates would be. But no matter what there are endless possibilities of perfect dates on valentines day, whether it be simple or more extravagant. Valentines day is the perfect day to have a perfect date.

I think that this is one of my best pieces of the semester because I did a lot of work on it because I had to get lots of interviews and incorporate them into my paper. I spent quite a bit of time on this writing piece and that's why I think it's one of my best pieces of the semester.

Overall this semester hasn't been bad, we didn't do as much writing as we did in the first semester but I still feel like my writing was about the same. I worked hard on all my pieces and put a lot of effort into them.

Partly Cloudy Review

In this movie Partly Cloudy it's the clouds job to create a whole now life on the world. The story is told about one cloud who just can't seem to make the perfect creatures like all of his other cloud friends do. Every time he tries making the nice, animal creatures he ends up making dangerous creatures. While this happens his good buddy Mr. Stork faces the consequences of the clouds actions. The stork sees all the other clouds making wonderful creatures for their stork friends, while he continues to get injured by his clouds creations. The stork's patience with his cloud is running thin and he thinks about leaving him.
Eventually the stork leaves his cloud and this causes the cloud to become outraged. This leads to all the thunderstorms. As a result of this the stork goes back to his cloud with a football helmet and pads to show him that he's ready to take on any challenge with his cloud. This shows that true friends cannot be separated due to anything.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

College Crossroads

— What is your reaction to Mr. Bruni’s idea that where you go to college matters less than “the effort you put into your studies, the earnestness with which you hone your skills, what you actually learn”?
I agree with what he said because if you're at a top notch school, you'll be getting a great education but even if you go to a school that isn't recognized as an elite school you'll still be getting a great education. Someone who goes to a school that isn't Harvard or Princeton can still become extremely successful. It all depends on how much you put into your education and studies like Mr. Bruni said.

— If you’re a student who is finished with the college process, what advice would you give high school juniors?
The advice I would give is do everything early. Talk to your guidance counselor and have them help you with whatever you need. Just make sure you do everything on time.

— How much pressure do you feel, whether from parents, teachers, the media or your friends, to get into a selective college? How do you handle that pressure?
I personally don't feel any pressure about getting into a selective college because I'm going to a school that I like and offers what I want to do. Whether it's a a selective school or not I'm still getting a college education. I don't care what other people think about the school I'm going to, therefore I feel no pressure.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Businesses Use Your SATs

  • — Do you think SAT scores could be a good indicator of future career success? Why or why not?
I don't think that SAT scores are a good indicator of future career success because you can't base someone's life just on one test. Especially since the day that person took the test they could've been sick or just had a bad day overall. The SAT can't see how hard a person works, their work ethic, and some of their problem solving skills. Therefore if a company doesn't hire someone based on their SAT scores they might be losing out on a very valuable worker. 

  • — Should there be an expiration date on the scores’ being considered as part of a prospective employee’s application? If so, what should it be?
There shouldn't be an expiration date on the scores because the scores shouldn't even be used on an employee's application. If there was an expiration date maybe it could be based on when the SAT company changes the formation on the SAT because therefore it would be irrelevant for the people that have already taken the test.

  • — What if a job applicant did not take the SAT? Do you think some employers would penalize that person? How should this situation best be handled, in your opinion?
I think some employers might penalize the person by simply not hiring them but if they did hire them that person would have to start out at a really low level entry job. Personally I don't think the SAT scores should be used so there shouldn't be any penalties. The job should go to someone who can get it done efficiently and the right way.