Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Partly Cloudy Review

In this movie Partly Cloudy it's the clouds job to create a whole now life on the world. The story is told about one cloud who just can't seem to make the perfect creatures like all of his other cloud friends do. Every time he tries making the nice, animal creatures he ends up making dangerous creatures. While this happens his good buddy Mr. Stork faces the consequences of the clouds actions. The stork sees all the other clouds making wonderful creatures for their stork friends, while he continues to get injured by his clouds creations. The stork's patience with his cloud is running thin and he thinks about leaving him.
Eventually the stork leaves his cloud and this causes the cloud to become outraged. This leads to all the thunderstorms. As a result of this the stork goes back to his cloud with a football helmet and pads to show him that he's ready to take on any challenge with his cloud. This shows that true friends cannot be separated due to anything.

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