Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior year movie review

If you're looking for an action packed, must see thriller, movie of the year than this probably isn't the movie for you. While senior year has been extremely fun, it's just like most school years. This year the main actor hasn't let life just go by he's grabbed the bull by the horns and made the most out of every moment. This movie doesn't have many extremely thrilling moments because Freeport is such a small town where not a whole lot goes on. There isn't much to do when it passes five or six a clock at night so Niko and his group of friends have to come up with ways to amuse themselves. This usually involves them being hooligans and playing pranks on the local people of Freeport. Niko even decided to try a new sport by running indoor track. Our main role did become captain of the school's baseball team and hopes to lead them to the playoffs with small time actors and fellow captains, Peter LaMagna and Jack Davenport.
Although this movie features many Oscar award winning actors Niko DiFazio, Luke Spaulding, his brother Nick, Tess Gallagher, Chandler Birmingham and many others it isn't as amazing as it sounds. The movie does give viewers the warm hearted views of friendship, as many new friendships were made throughout the year and others were rekindled after years of not having classes together. While the movie is packed with such stars there were lots of supporting roles as well, some of which may soon grow into larger roles.
Some supporting roles were played by Ben MacMillan and Cameron Buthlay. They may not have played a huge role in this movie they're gonna play a huge role in the sequel. Because high school is rapidly coming to an end, college is soon approaching. Our main character Niko will be attending Freeport High School on steroids; University of Maine Orono. This school is where most of the students at Freeport High School attend college. Because of this old friendships will begin again and new ones will blossom. While supporting actors Ben MacMillan and Cameron Buthlay may not have played the biggest roles throughout this year they will play huge roles next year. In the next movie we will see Niko and Ben room together at the University of Maine. Will their friendship grow or will they get sick of each other? Main actor Chandler Birmingham and Niko will be split up, how will this affect their friendship? Will it grow stronger or will they move on to new friends? Stay tuned to the sequel to find out how our hero does at college while rooming with Ben MacMillan.